Thursday, August 7, 2008

Walking through the door of happiness

Helen Keller once said something along the lines of ' When a door of happiness closes another opens; however we stare at the closed door so long that we fail to notice the other door opening.'

This is very true. In fact, its DEAD ON.

Why are so many people unhappy? Why do so many people allow themselves to be unhappy at another person's doing? Aren't we supposed to provide our own happiness?

I read this quote, and it summed up everything in my life. A door of happiness closed. And I just keep staring at it waiting for it to open again. I shouldn't. In all reality, the "door of happiness" wouldn't have "closed" if there wasn't any unhappiness, so why dwell on it? Why dwell on the lies, on the hurt, on the 'good times'. The bad outweighed the good.

So why do we constantly dwell on the good times after a relationship has ended? Why don't we dwell on the bad times? Especially when in the past, when the relationship was still holding together with bubble gum and shoe strings, we were unhappy? When we wanted to end it, but never had the heart to. Because we still loved them....because we still do.

In the past few weeks, things have happened that I'm not proud to say I was involved in. Unwillingly involved in, but involved in nonetheless. I would never say that one whole year was a mistake. I would never say that. Maybe because I'm not immature about the matter. I did learn things. I learned a lot of things. I learned how to love someone. I learned what that felt like. I learned........just a LOT of things that I am grateful for. But to say it was a mistake? Never. I'd say it was a learning experience.

I've come to terms with the fact that that door has been slammed shut, locked and the key melted. And for once, I can say I'm okay with searching for that other door, however long it takes me, however many elevators are broken causing me to take the stairs...I'm fine with it.

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